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"I spent 6 months running events in friends and strangers houses trying to build my business - this system doubled my sign-ups in only a couple days." - Marcus
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"We didn't know what we were doing and we wasted so much money, thinking that these FB Ads just didn't work. Now we'd be lost without them!" - Meghan
You are only 3 steps away from a profitable Facebook campaign.
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  • Tell us what you are selling or promoting and where to send your customers to, Your Website or Phone
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  • Sit back and count your customers and sales. We'll find more just like them.
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Who Will This Work Best For?
  • Generate Leads: You sell best when you have contact with people. The aim of this recipe is to find a hero article to attract people and also align them with your purpose. Anyone who is attracted is sent to a lead magnet. If they’re interested but didn’t leave detail, we nurture them some more and try again for the lead.
  • Build Awareness: You want to align people with your purpose, but you’re not quite ready to sell. You might be a not-for-profit or Government Agency, so you literally just need to "get the word out". By creating awareness, our approach will attract people to you so you’re not launching to crickets, tumbleweeds, or an empty room.
  • Sell A Product: The premise of this recipe is that some people are ready to buy your product right now and the rest you’ll collect and keep in their minds until they’re ready. Most important is dynamically targeting people based on their buying behaviour so we can put the right message, to the right people, at the right time.
  • Sell A Service: You need people to have faith that you can deliver great value for them. You want them to chase you instead of you chasing them. This recipe is designed to align people that you are the authority in your service, that you know what their problems are and can solve them. It begins with attracting your target market, and nurturing them to know, like and trust you before going in for the sell.
  • Fill A Room: You’re holding a seminar, webinar, workshop, festival, open day, or any event where you want people to attend. We use a two pronged attack and start as far out from the event as possible. First we aim to convert anyone who would have attended the moment they heard about it. For the rest we aim to attract, nurture, and convert with a series of posts “designed to build up their desire to participate.
  • Install An App: There are millions of apps in the app stores now and you need yours to be seen. We'll reach the type of people who want and need your new your awesomeness, plus use the ones who do to find more like them.
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